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We understand that every client uses electric and gas differently.  This is important to take in to affect when managing the program from your business.  We take that into account which also helps us serve you by knowing what your needs are.  From energy efficiency initiaitives to to green energy purchasing concerns, we keep you informed on what is required and how close you are to accomplishing your goals all the way through the project or procurement process.  We are so confident in our techniques and years of knowledgeability that we employ that we guarantee our fees.  IF you can find a competitor that will service you for cheaper than will, we will service you for 10% less than that competitor’s fee1.

Our customer base spans many different industries so you can feel secure we WILL­ meet your needs.

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Public and Private Schools

We understand the tough budget constraints that public school districts and private schools face. Our market timing experience helps our schools put their money toward the students and not operational expenses.

Child Care Services

Childcare is an interesting industry as there are a wide variety of both for profit and not for profit organizations. You need someone working for your facility that knows your structure to ensure that you are properly charged for your commodities.

Healthcare & Emergency Services

Saving lives and maintaining patients is enough work in itself. Our healthcare clients allow us to manage this small part of their operating budget that can have a big impact on your bottom line so the staff can worry about improving quality of care.


Our grocers typically have several facilities in different locations to manage. It can be tough especially when you start crossing into different utilities. Allow us to do that work for you with our expert staff that works across utility boundaries on a regular basis.

Colleges and Universities

Thought of as the pinnacle of our American education system, we know that running such an establishment is not a cheap task. Our comprehensive services are much appreciated these customers to keep budgets trim and affordable.


We know that lodging facilities in large cities have different challenges they face than those in smaller towns who might rely on special events or prepare for slower times of the year. For that reason those in the lodging industry can utilize our services to be informed, up to date, and truly prepared for the fiscal challenges of the lodging industry.


Usually one of the most energy utilizing industries, manufacturing different products is hard work. With the ever changing technology that you must know to stay ahead of your competition, let us worry about helping your equipment running so you can focus on your process improvement.

Religious Facilities

Religious institutions face a unique challenge in managing costs. The churches we work with like how we understand the importance of the donations that they raise for their mission and how we work hard to keep their funds in the church so the money can go towards services instead of costs.

Athletic & Multifunctional Facilities

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Commercial & Retail Space

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Government and Municipal Service Facilities

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Warehouse & Distribution Facilities

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Natural Gas

Anderson Consultants has provided natural gas services for clients since our founding in 2000. In addition, Kent Anderson was one of the early pioneers in natural gas deregulation in Illinois starting in 1983, as a purchaser, marketer and now a consultant. Throughout the years we have developed many certified suppliers and offer a number of procurement possibilities for your facility.



  • No cost, no risk, no obligation review of the existing energy program
  • Review historical usage for all accounts
  • Analyze rates and riders
  • Determine backup quantities
  • Compare market pricing to utility supply tariff rate
  • Discuss variations between suppliers



  • Develop a request for proposal (RFP) based upon customer needs and requirements
  • Review default indexing and basis
  • Obtain and review natural gas agreement
  • Interface with supplier and utility to assure a smooth transition to supplier



  • Review utility and supplier initial invoices to verify completed transition
  • Notify client of opportunities in locking prices for various quantities (layering) and time periods
  • Develop cost savings and budget reviews
  • Invoice verification during the program


Our services are comprehensive to ensure that you facilities needs are met year-round.  Our ability to serve our customers as if we are one of your own employees is a capability that we take pride in.  Our extensive services, free up your personnel to handle their primary responsibilities while we handle the task at a rate you can afford with the experience you rely on.  Our solutions will streamline your processes and increase your productivity by freeing up the time of key office personnel that you have left responsible for these daunting tasks in the past.  You receive all of our services listed below for one low price.

Utility Monitoring

Utility Monitoring

  • Rate Analysis
  • Issue Mediation
  • Tax Exemptions
  • Utility Management
  • Budget Forecasting and Development

Strategic Procurement

Strategic Procurement

  • Contract Negotiations
  • Energy Procurement
  • Market Analysis
  • Volatility Monitoring
  • Supplier Information Management
  • Budget Forecasting and Development

Data Management Control

Data Management and Control

  • Benchmarking
  • Bill Auditing

Energy Efficiency

Get cash incentives to implement unique energy-saving solutions.

Carus Corporation in LaSalle used $100,000 in cash incentives to install a condensing economizer on their facility’s boiler – resulting in total savings of over $150,000 each year!
One Southern Illinois manufacturer is saving nearly $40,000 a year in energy costs thanks to compressed air upgrades through the Retro Commissioning Program.
Bradley University in Peoria replaced more than 1,800 T12 lamps with high-performance lamps. They received over $21,000 in cash incentives from the energy effciency programs and now save around $17,000 in annual electric costs!
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¹ We are confident in the affordability and quality of our fees and services that if you receive a proposal from one of our **competitors, we will give you the same great service and not only match them but we will do it for 10% less!!!