LIGHTING ACCOUNTS FOR 20% TO 50% of the average business’ electricity consumption. On the bright side, you’ll enjoy significant savings — year after year — by making simple lighting improvements. No matter what industry you’re in, lighting upgrades will lower costs and boost your bottom line.


Switch out your inefficient T12 fluorescent lampsnow and take advantage of the best incentives while saving up to 33% on your energy costs!

Highbay Replacements

Found in industrial facilities and other high-ceiling areas, highbay lighting that is upgraded to T5 lamps can lower energy use by up to 48%!

Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy sensors and other lighting controls can ensure lights are turned off when not needed to save your business money!

LED Lighting

Lighting and exit signs with reliable LED technology have exceptionally long life and can reduce your energy consumption by up to 98%!

TYPICAL MOTORS HAVE TWO SETTINGS — ON AND OFF. A variable frequency drive (VFD) allows a
motor to adjust its output based on demand, saving energy during less demanding times. Install VFDs on
motors in your facility and start saving thousands of dollars on your annual electric bills!


Variable frequency drives can be installedon a variety of industrial fans: Process fans HVAC fans Cooling tower fans Boiler draft fans


Variable frequency drives can be installedon a variety of industrial fans: HVAC heating pumps Chilled water distribution pumps Process pumps

Proper heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) are key to maintaining a comfortable and productive work environment. Collectively, these systems account for up to 40% of the energy used in businesses. Your organization can enjoy significant savings year after year with  improvements to your HVAC system.

Process Steam and Steam Trap
If your facility uses steam boilers, it probably has multiple steam traps. Steam traps are automatic valves that release condensed steam while preventing the loss of live steam. They allow steam to flow at a controlled or adjusted rate for optimal energy efficiency. Eventually steam traps fail — and when they do, steam can be wasted and energy lost. Even one major leak can cost your business thousands of dollars!

Leak Survey and Repair
Compressed air system leaks are a significant source of wasted energy that can cost your business thousands of dollars a year. In fact, the Department of Energy estimates that, on average, as much as 20 to 30 percent of a compressor’s output is wasted on leaks. These leaks can also lead to system problems, including fluctuating system pressure, excess compressor capacity, and decreased service life. Proactive leak detection and repair can reduce leaks by 50 to 75 percent (or more) and boost your bottom line.

Compressed Air RCx

This program is designed to help manufacturing and industrial customers optimize the operation of their compressed air systems. Leak loss reduction Adjustment of an existing flow controller or sequencer to match plant operations Correction of inappropriate uses of compressed air such as open blowing

Large Facilities RCx

Large facilities, including industrial, healthcare and commercial buildings, can optimize the operation of their existing lighting, HVAC and energy management systems. Adjustment of lighting and HVAC operating schedules Adjustment of HVAC set points Redeployment of inoperable HVAC dampers and controls

Industrial Refrigeration RCx

Assists food processing facilities and refrigerated warehouses in optimizing the operation of their industrial refrigeration systems. Lower condensing pressure Raise suction pressure Evaporator fan control Evaporator defrost settings Compressor sequencing

Grocery Store RCx

The Grocery Retro Commissioning program is ideal for optimizing refrigeration systems in grocery stores with large cooling equipment needs. Additionally, it seeks to reduce facility operating costs by optimizing the operation of grocery store energy systems. Lowering condensing pressure or raising suction pressure Evaporator fan control and defrost setting modifications Compressor sequencing optimization Repairing refrigerant leaks or cleaning evaporator coils Adjusting HVAC system settings

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